Since you were a little munchkin and fashioned an igloo out of snow and ice, you’ve wanted to stay overnight in one (silly parents were afraid we’d freeze to death.) Well, now you can stay in a glass igloo in the North Pole but it’ll cost you $100,000 for a five-night stay.

Say hello to North Pole Igloos which will open  April 2020 but only for that month since it’s the only time its safe to travel that far north. For the rest of the winter, the portable igloo hotel moves around the artic glacier.

Reportedly, the igloos have been tested in extreme arctic weather conditions (we hope so!)  are heated, with their own toilet, glass ceiling roof and walls the better to see nature and hopefully, the Northern Lights.

On the website, it explains that ‘Guests at the North Pole Igloos will sleep in one of 10 heated glass-walled igloos’ and during the day they ‘will sightsee around a glacier, meet indigenous people who live in the polar regions and arctic scientists working nearby, and hopefully catch sightings of seals, polar bears, arctic birds and other wildlife.’

Hey, for 100k I want a selfie with a polar bear.