Non-profit awareness campaigns are important for ensuring that serious issues within the world are known to the general public. They could tackle social problems, environmental ones, or even medical issues. This article will go over what you can do to plan your campaign.

Clearly Define Your Campaign

Before we go any further into this article, it’s important that you clearly identify your campaign before you start planning. Planning an awareness campaign can be tricky, and starting the campaign will be the biggest step you take. Before you run, you will need to learn how to walk.




Ensure that you and anyone involved in the process are aware of what the campaign stands for and what you want to achieve. Once everyone is on the same page about this, you can move forward with planning the campaign. 

Create A Recognizable Identity

If you want your non-profit awareness campaign to succeed, you will have to ensure people recognize the campaign when they see it. Think of the most recognizable awareness campaigns that have happened in the past to get an idea of identity’s importance. 



Sometimes, it may require a campaign to do something different and unique to stand out. For example, I’m sure you remember the ice bucket challenge in recent years? We’re not saying that for your awareness campaign to stand out, you need to throw ice water over people, but it’s about doing something that is memorable.

On a smaller scale, everyone representing your non-profit awareness campaign must be identifiable. Often, organizers will inform those representing the campaign to wear the same color clothes or badges, but that is not as effective as using your company branding.

A great idea could be to print some custom t-shirts with your campaign’s logo, and motto spread across. You can quickly create custom t-shirts using services such as Bolt Printing, which has an easy online ordering system with free shipping. You can complete bulk orders to receive free shipping with no hidden fees, allowing you to dress your volunteers or workers strikingly and noticeably.


Market The Right Way

As touched upon above, you must know how to market your campaign. Of course, the dream will be to have your campaign go viral and be noticed by millions, but this can be difficult to achieve. Often, organizations that start small and focus on the campaign at hand, strikingly showing awareness, will go viral without planning to.

If you are looking to market in your local community, then it will be best to post about this in local forums and leave leaflets in the area, specifically in high-traffic areas such as grocery stores or community centers. The aim should be to scale up your awareness campaign to the point that it can stand on its own two legs without you having to force it.


If you are hoping to market your campaign online, then there will be a few different strategies you could implement. Firstly, you could pay for some advertising space through search results, and web pages that are often used by the people you think will react to the campaign. You could also look into working with some influencers on social media who could spread awareness about your campaign. This may be a paid service, or they may want to work with you as they are passionate about what you’re trying to make people aware of.