Join  Million Acts Of Kindness which is taking place Saturday, April 6.

On this day 1,000,000 acts of kindness will be completed worldwide, the brainchild of  Charlie Rocket better known online as ‘CEO Charlie.’

With a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers, Instagram account with more than 1 million followers, he has dedicated his life to helping others.

He is also the  Founder of the non-profit Dream Machine USA and Co-Owner of the beverage company Once Upon A Coconut.

Think you can’t do it? It’s easy. Here are some of Charlie’s suggestions:


  • Give flowers to a stranger
  • Purchase food for the hungry and homeless
  • Help carry groceries for an elderly person
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Leave a generous tip
  • Pay for someone’s expired parking meter
  • Leave positive sticky notes on people’s cars
  • Write a note of kindness and give to a stranger
  • Smile at someone who looks sad


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