The eyes have it. With masks obscuring most of our faces, why wear makeup, right? But on ZOOM calls you still want to look your best and an easy way to take your look from frumpy to fly is with new — IMPROVED! — lashes.

Silly George‘s LinerBond’s Starter Kit makes it easy with it’s felt tip eyeliner that guides you to an an-almost perfect application, while also acting as adhesive for your fav faux-lashes. No glue, no mess, no problem.

We asked an eyelash ‘expert’, Emily who has tested almost every false eyelash product on the market, to give us the low down on the LinerBond Starter Kit:

‘My overall view on the eyelashes is that they are great for people who are learning how to use eyelashes. They stick on well and the liner is super dark and easy to apply. You have to work fast though because the lash sticks best before the liner starts to dry.  These lashes do last a while, but not as long as ones with regular lash glue. Still, they do not pull off any lashes or damage your natural lashes when you take them off. Also, the lashes are of good quality. And it’s cool that they peel right off.’


Chose from three different styles:



$40 at Silly George. (Yeah, we love the name too.)

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