So Jazime has a beloved toy cat named Donnie who had a scratch on her foot. Jazmine, who has special needs, was very worried about her fuzzy toy so her Mom called  Pioneer Veterinary Clinic in Washington and explained the situation.



The vet, Dr. Maier, didn’t hesitate and advised them to bring Donnie in immediately. Treating the toy feline just as if she were a real cat, he carefully examined her and finally put a bandage on the scratch, telling Jazime to leave it on for a few days and  “Give her extra love and cuddles until she is all better.”

After the vet clinic posted this on its Facebook page, tributes poured in for their kind deed:


  • The little things are the big things. You realize this post has people through out Eastern Washington looking at their phones and crying and smiling at the same time. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic rocks!” – Bunny El Paca
  • “Wow. Blessings to a vet that would take the time to do this. Makes such a difference for special needs kids.” – Phyllis Rollo Burnitt
  • “This is the best kindness I have seen in ages. Thank you all.” – Linda J