Sir Rod Stewart — who said he wanted to ‘prove I’m not all mouth and (no) trousers’ — has paid for a day’s worth of MRI scans for patients at his local NHS hospital to cut waiting time.

It turns out the music star visited the Princess Alexandra Hospital and was horrified by the wait times for scans.


So he called a live phone-in on Sky News and offered to pay for people to have hospital scans, having just returned from having a scan himself.

“I had just come from my scan in a private clinic near Harley Street,” he said.

“I walked in and said ‘I’m terribly sorry, I’m half an hour late’.

“They said ‘don’t worry, there’s hardly anybody in here today’.

Then I thought this is a terrible injustice, so here we are.”

Yes, we had to look that expression up too.  ‘All mouth’ means all talk and no action and trousers translates to ‘action.’ A little sexist, but there you go.