Created in partnership with the Magic Castle in L.A., ‘Spellbound’ is the newest attraction on some Princess Cruise lines ships.


The Magic Castle in L.A.












Guests start the evening with dinner in the ‘Horizons Dining Room’, from a special menu not available anywhere else on board. Then they are escorted through a black door into a ‘Spellbound’ foyer, where you’re promoted to say ‘Open Sesame!’ and the fireplace moves to reveal a music room and the Parlor Bar, with artifacts from famous magicians.



Haunted by a seemingly friend ghost by the name of ‘Isabella, ‘ she floats in and out and at one point plays the theme from ‘Titanic’ on the piano. (A little ghoulish, no?)

Even the drinks are magical. Some cocktails glow, others smoke.


Your drink is ready.












Once you’ve forked over the $149 for the night, it’s like your very own private club. Stay as long as you like. (Dinner and unlimited drinks are included.)

Watch card tricks in the Spellbound intimate 30-seat theater, or ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over magic tricks at the bar, all the while trying to keep track of your drink which occasionally will move all on its own.

All magicians are vetted by the Magic Castle.



If you’ve been to the legendary Magic Castle in L.A. you’ll feel like you’re on the floating version, magical in its own way.

Reservations opened on March 19 and the experience is expected to debut on April 8.