This sure beats an office vending machine.

In Austin, Tito’s Handmade Vodka created a 14-acre farm from “the worst piece of dirt” and all the food produced is for its employees.



 The company offers employees fresh fruit and vegetables each day for lunch, and sponsors a free farmers market three days a week where employees can pick out and take home produce to cook with their families.

“Our distillery was in a food desert, so to speak, and so we noticed that there was no access to good, clean, healthy food,” said Amy Lukken, Tito’s chief “joyologist,” who characterized her role at Tito’s as “putting the heart in the tin man of corporate America.”

“We’re a vodka company that has seven full-time farmers,” she added.



And that’s not all. Tito’s has now brought in  ‘a couple of organic chefs there that help cook for the employees and show them…how to cook the vegetables that we’re growing.”

Not every employee knows what to do with kale. (Feed it to the pigs? Just a thought.)

Now employees can learn how to meal prep with the 75 varieties of produce offered.

Take that, corporate America.