The phrase come ‘hell or high water’ is about determination—as is the film of the same name.

Hell or High Water is a crime caper starring the ‘I never give a bad performance’ Jeff Bridges, the very blued eyed Chris Pine and the mutable Ben Foster. The story is about revenge and it’s well played.

When two brothers (Pine and Foster) rob a series of banks in west Texas, an almost retired cop (Bridges) and his partner played well by Gil Birmingham—get on their tails.  Bridges character is obsessed with the hunt—while the brothers ‘try’ not to attract attention.

Hell or High Water moves at a brisk clip, and the story is well crafted and timely in the wake of lost economies throughout small U.S. towns.   It’s what we want to do when the bank is ready to foreclose and we have no options.


Applause to writer Taylor Sheridan (Sicario.)

My only gripe:  at times there may have been one too many alpha- male stare downs along with the occasional west Texas mumbling here and there, but I was on the ‘ride’ and routing for the brothers—may be it was all those blue eyes.

The film was shot on a budget of 9 million dollars (which is cheap by Hollywood standards) and New Mexico doubled for a post apocalyptic looking west Texas.

I’d be remiss not to mention the scene stealing small role of a waitress played to perfection by 88-year-old Texas native Margaret Bowman—she’s hilarious.

It’s a great Sunday afternoon flick.  Go see it come hell or high water!

Lisa DiGiovine

Lisa DiGiovine

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Lisa DiGiovine is a yacht owning, Ph.d with a trust fund and a penchant for lying--except when it comes to movies. She loves them. She worships them and outside of a good glass of wine and a date with her boyfriend and a cuddle with her pets---can be found mesmerized in a dark theatre in the back row--losing herself in a marvelous adventure. Lisa is an unscripted TV producer with 3 Emmy nominations and a delirious sense of humor.

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