Since the inception of cannabinoids, we have seen many innovations in this regard, especially in their consumption methods. One of its ingestion methods is dabbing. Consumers seem to think dabbing is an intimidating trick to absorb the benefits of CBD dabs because it has complex paraphernalia. But it is not how you expect its usability to be convenient once you know its tools and insights into its consumption.

Cannabidiol is a well-known supplement that provides numerous health benefits. As it is the opposite of tetrahydrocannabinol, you will not experience any recreational high or sedative effects.

As CBD dabs are new for you if you are a beginner in cannabis, do not make your head bulky by stressing over them. The information in this guide tells you all things about it. You have to be aware of them, especially about CBD dabs, their benefits, and the most significant three reasons you should include them in your lifestyle.

What About CBD Dabs, Exactly?

CBD dabs are a type of product in which a high intensity or concentration of cannabidiol is present, which has never before been in any of its supplements. The fact is that getting advantages from them is hugely intensive and unmatchable.



CBD concentrates are created by extracting the oil from hemp flowers or biomass with solvents like alcohol, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbon. That concentration of cannabidiol comes from either hemp or marijuana. The Food and Drug Administration allows for the refining and diluting CBD concentrate. You may receive high concentrations of the drug and terpenes with CBD dabs without feeling intoxicated. Dabbing vaporizer concentrates at elevated temperatures below their burning points. 

When you inhale such substances, CBD dabs travel to your stomach, where the liver absorbs them and releases them into your bloodstream. There are some common types of concentrates when people dab 

  • Isolate
  • Extract
  • Shatter
  • Crumble
  • Wax
  • Terpsolate

Benefits of Dabbing CBD

The dabs have several advantages despite their difficulty in consumption. The administration of dabs is a complicated procedure for beginners. You need knowledge of a dab rig, a butane torch, specialized accessories, and paraphernalia to consume CBD concentrates successfully.

  • Reduced Smoking

Dabbing and smoking are similar in their uses. However, the latter is the wrong way to consume. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that smoking harms health by having fatal constituents like ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, lead, arsenic, and carbon monoxide. CBD concentrates do not have any fatal ingredients. According to a University College London report, they contributed to a 40% reduction in smoking habits.

  • Better Potency in Just One Hit

Compared to other cannabidiol supplements, CBD dabs have a higher potency. These concentrates quickly mix with our bloodstream and enter the lungs. Therefore, it has extreme delivery experience. You will feel their health benefits as soon as possible.


3 Methods to Include CBD Dabs in Your Lifestyle

There are numerous kinds of CBD dabs or concentrates on the global market. It takes more work to figure out the right one. Put your good strategy into action, such as your personal preferences, budget, and availability of the necessary equipment.

You arrive at one of the best options after analyzing. You can consume CBD concentrates in a variety of ways.

Dabbing With a Glass Rig

It is somewhat similar to a dab rig. It suits experienced cannabis and THC users, but that does not mean beginners cannot enjoy its benefits; be concerned about some precautions. First, we understand that the components of the glass rigs are

  • CBD concentrates
  • Glass Rig
  • Butane Torch
  • Dab Nail
  • Dome
  • Dabber

Steps of How to Utilize a Glass Rig

  • Turn on a butane torch and heat a dab of nail polish until it becomes red hot. You may consult with experts while using a dab nail.
  • Please switch off the flame and let it cool down within 10 to 45 seconds. That waiting period depends on the material of the dab nail.
  • Eventually, use a dabber to hold some CBD concentrates and apply them to the hot dab nail, then inhale slowly. A few hits of CBD dabs are enough to experience their potency in your body.
  • You ought to remember that leveraging the glass rig is an expensive option for you. Therefore, it is a better alternative for you to make a glass rig or dab it in your home under your supervision.

Dabbing With a Vape Pen

Vaping is the most recommended method of consuming CBD dabs. Whether experienced or a beginner, it matches your personality in every direction. Before using this e-cigarette or vape pen, you should be aware of the following components: 

  • CBD dabs
  • Ceramic Filament
  • Battery
  • Metallic Coil
  • Switch
  • Metallic Container

Steps to Use a Vape Pen

  • To begin, press the switch button to activate the heating effect. Wait for some time until the ceramic filament reaches a vaporizing temperature.
  • Connect the filament, and CBD concentrates on converting them into vapor. Once it becomes fully vaporized, take a small puff by stretching a button downward and giving it a little push.
  • If you want to take more puffs, stretch a button as many times as you wish. Enjoy its physical and physiological benefits after half an hour in your body. 


Dabbing With a Glass Pen

This method of consumption is the best way to smoke CBD dabs alone because it does not work for only one material. Including ingredients like CBD concentrates, herbs, or smokable material in your concoctions and smoking blends is excellent.

Combining CBD concentrates with regular weed and other smokable materials produces an entourage effect similar to broad-spectrum or full-spectrum oils. You should be concerned about these constituents when dabbing with a glass pipe.

  • CBD concentrates
  • Glass pipe for smoking
  • Lighter or torch
  • Your herb of choice

Steps to Utilize a Glass Pen for Consuming CBD Dabs

  • Fill some herbs and smokable ingredients in the piping bowl. Then, sprinkle some CBD concentrates on top of them.
  • Pour some water or liquid into the solution to filter the vapor so it passes through and emerges cleaner and smoother.
  • Using a lighter or torch, heat the mixture until it converts into blended vapor. Once the whole variety changes into a vaporized form, inhale the complete CBD vapor to see its comprehensive outcomes. 


Consumption of dabs comes with various health benefits, either physical or physiological. It means you get many benefits in a short period. You should include it in your diet since it has more intensive effects than CBD supplements.

However, there are three ways to make CBD dabs part of your life by selecting them: For instance, inhaling through a glass rig, a vape or wax pen, or a glass pen. All methods have advantages, and we recommend trying them all to learn about their unique characteristics. To know more about cbd dabs you can check out cbdnews.