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After NBC’s Saturday Night Live skit, with Alec Baldwin again playing Trump, the President-elect took to twitter to voice his displeasure, writing it was ‘a complete hit job’ and ‘ really bad television.’

During the hilarious sketch of Wednesday’s Trump press conference, Baldwin let loose with peeing puns, culminating with a bare-chested reporter who looked suspiciously like Putin asking about the ‘big Russian pee pee party.’

As Trump saw it, ‘NBC news is bad but Saturday Night Live’ is the worst of NBC.’

And in the good news department,  Alec Baldwin has already promised that he will return to play the president-elect on SNL the day after the inauguration.

‘All of this comedy stuff we do on SNL, Trump is our head writer. Trump just hands it to us in a basket with a big bow on it every day,’ Baldwin gleefully said.

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