Jussie Smollett mug shot.

Late last night, actor Jussie Smollett was arrested by the Chicago police for filing a false police report, after claiming to be the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in which it now appears he masterminded.

Chicago Police Department Chief Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said in a statement that the Empire actor was a ‘troubled young man’ who has ‘taken advantage’ of racism to further his career. He went on to say they believed Smollett did it for attention — and a raise.

According to police, Smollett, who is paid $20,000 per episode on Empire but, wanted to raise his profile and earn more money.

His motive ‘p****d everybody off’, Superintendent Johnson said, adding that Smollett’s repeated ‘lies’ were ‘shameful’ and ‘despicable’.

When the two gym-loving Nigerian brothers testified before the grand jury on Wednesday, they admitted that Smollett had paid them to stage the hoax attack.

Police also allege that Smollett mailed himself that threatening letter to the Empire study which had ‘MAGA’ scrawled on it and racist and homophobic slurs in cut-out magazine letters, like a ransom note.

Meanwhile, Smollett continues to maintain his innocence and says he will fight the charges ‘aggressively.’ Fox is expected to suspend him from the TV show but that will be the least of Smollett’s problems.

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