Chef Chris Morningstar attends the Halloween launch party for Au Fudge CAMP.

 The elevated kid-friendly restaurant from Jessica Biel, Au Fudge,  in West Hollywood just to a new Executive Chef in  Kris Morningstar. The playful chef has created an updated menu for the new year, infusing his culinary style with ‘Au Fudge’s famed classics.’
Joining a team that includes celeb partners actress Jessica Biel, interior designer and stylist Estee Stanley, producer and author Kimberly MullerMonica Saunders-Weinberg (owner of Terrace Tower, Australia), Joey Gonzalez (CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp) and Jonathan Rollo (CEO of Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop), Morningstar says he’s ‘expanding upon childhood favorites.’ Comfort food, anyone?

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