April is Earth Month, though we think of it as more of a year-round responsibility, and Kiehl’s Since 1851 is once again kicking off a month-long celebration of recycling, all to benefit Recycle Across America (RAA), the not-for-profit organization dedicated to ‘delivering society-wide solutions for recycling that eliminate public confusion, stimulate the environmental economy and expedite progress.’


This year, Kiehl’s will donate a total of $25,000 to RAA, which will help donate 33,000 standardized recycling labels to more than 325 K-12 schools throughout the country. Kiehl’s began working with RAA in 2012, and to date they’ve donated standardized recycling labels to more than 5,000 schools nationwide, encouraging students to learn to recycle right and use those learnings in their day to day lives.

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While Kiehl’s encourages recycling year-round with its Recycle and Be Rewarded program in our retail stores, through May 1, we will be offering additional incentives for Kiehl’s friends and family to recycle themselves and encourage their friends and family to do so.

Here’s how it works:

  • Through May 1, in any Kiehl’s freestanding store, for every empty Kiehl’s jar, bottle or tube recycled, Kiehl’s will donate $1 to Recycle Across America, up to $15,000.
  • Through May 1 on Instagram, snap a pic of your Kiehl’s empties using #KiehlsEarthDay. For every post tagging @Kiehls and #KiehlsEarthDay Kiehl’s will donate to @recycleacrossamerica, up to $10,000.
  • April 13-April 26: Spend $100 at Kiehl’s retail stores or Kiehls.com, and receive a reusable water bottle filled with 4 deluxe samples of your choice. On Kiehls.com, enter code EARTH at checkout.

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