With so many serums and creams on the market, what’s the best way to help those pesky wrinkles and crinkles? Not that there’s anything wrong with wrinkles and crinkles—it indicates a life well-lived. BUT most of us can use a little hydration to help make our skin softer and smoother, right? 


Anne Oliver.


Enter House of M Beauty! This cosmetic brand created by Anne Oliver, based in Orange County, California, takes a new approach. The miracle serum and night concentrate cream (which I’ve tried) uses an ingredient that claims to help skin at the center of its formulas: saffron. 



Why saffron? Founder Anne Oliver explains that during a battle with postpartum depression after the birth of her first child, she researched natural remedies. She discovered saffron was a mood enhancer, anti-inflammatory and effective antioxidant, especially for the skin and incorporated it into her routine. 

She found it helped her depression symptoms lift, she slept better, and her skin became increasingly luminous. Inspired by the results, Anne soon established House of M Beauty featuring saffron-infused products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, suitable for all skin types and manufactured in France. 



The Saffron Miracle Serum (one ounce) comes in a beautiful clear bottle with a white dropper and orange-red saffron visible at the bottom. The serum oil base of jojoba, cannabis sativa seed oil among other ingredients works for my dry skin. The serum absorbs easily (it is a bit greasy feeling at first due to the oils but absorbs easily). It feels hydrating and the skin does seem a bit softer. ($98.)



The Saffron Silk Night Concentrate ($70.) comes in a nicely designed jar (1.7-ounce), has a creamy consistency and feels substantial in terms of richness and feels good on the skin. Time will tell if these saffron-infused products will help brighten, tighten, and reduce aging lines. If not, the wrinkles and crinkles are okay to stay!