Who doesn’t love a good beauty collaboration?

The Korean brand The Crème Shop does it better than anyone else. Take their Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse partnership (Yes, please!)

Have you ever seen anything cuter than the Minnie (Mouse) eye shadow palette?

$16. with all the most flattering colors. (We use the Rose golden matte & shimmer shades the most.)




And who could resist the Hello Kitty nail decals? ($10.)



We also love their Plush Spa Headband with Hello Kitty’s Signature Bow for $12. Wash your face and not your hair.


At $9 a pop, these adorable Crème Shop Macaron Lip Balms make perfect gifts for your friends. Don’t fight over them — share!


On top of all the cute and clean makeup and skincare, The Crème Shop is cruelty-free and vegan.

There’s something for everyone. Just hit ‘add to cart!’