Like most Mom’s, Vanessa Philips couldn’t find many all-natural gluten-free food options for her kids, you know, something to pop in the microwave after softball practice or for a quick dinner.

So, she set out to develop a line of healthy options with chef Tryg Siverson and Feel Good Foods was born.

To celebrate the launch, an intimate dinner was held at an industrial loft in DTLA, where food writers got to try the tasty chef-inspired microwave meals.

Host and Eater LA Editor Farley Elliot (left), Feel Good Foods Co-Founder Vanessa Phillips (middle), and Yarrow Chef Royce Burke (right.)

Co-host Farley Elliott introduced Vanessa who shared the benefits of Feel Good Foods – elaborating how all meals contain vegetables purchased at peak growing seasons, consists of non-GMO ingredients and includes beef and chickens all raised without antibiotics. Meanwhile,  Yarrow Chef Royce Burke prepared a scrumptious feast.

Feel Good Foods Three Cheese Pomodoro Frozen Snack Bites.

The Feel Good Foods Vegetable Potstickers and Feel Good Foods Pinto Bean & Cheddar Taquitos were gone in a flash.
For dinner, Chef Royce Burke cooked up a couple of grilled Bass accompanied by a tasty Yum Makeua Yao Eggplant Salad.