Actress/model Elizabeth Hurley urged women to check their breasts as she detailed her fight to stop breast cancer during an appearance on a show called Loose Women on Thursday.

In a month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, her message couldn’t come at a better time.

Explaining her personal connection to the issue, Hurley recalled the experience with her grandmother, who she sadly lost to the disease.



‘Back then, I’d just recently lost my grandmother to breast cancer and at that time nobody talked about it. There was no pink ribbon or awareness month. My grandmother didn’t go to the doctor because she was scared and embarrassed, so it was quite progressed.”


‘It’s different now, it’s still a life-threatening disease for many women but times have changed, we talk about it now.’

Adding that ‘early detections save lives’, the actress added that she was even gifted a mammogram for her 40th birthday, and has regular check ups.

‘I won’t give up [with the campaign] until we are out of business – which will be when women stop dying,’ she concluded.