Au Fudge partner Jessica Biel attends the Halloween launch party for Au Fudge CAMP .

This is our kind of party! The Au Fudge CAMP (Center for Art Movement Play) is a first-of-its-kind chic and progressive space to provide educational activities, classes, and events for kids. Some of the highlighted classes include; cooking, etiquette and nutrition, ‘Mad Science’, sensory classes,  yoga, ‘Tween Game Night’, story time, musical theater, modern dance, baby and me, Spanish tutoring, ‘young architects’ and of course Birthday Parties for which Au Fudge has become known for!

After opening the family-friendly restaurant Au Fudge in March 2016, founders Jessica Biel, Estee Stanley, Kimberly Muller, Joey Gonzalez, Jonathan Rollo and Monica Saunders-Weinberg decided to magnify the creative space that Au Fudge offers and turn it into its own establishment with day-time activities at Au Fudge CAMP.


Au Fudge Partners Kimberly Muller, Jon Rollo, Jessica Biel, Estee Stanley and Joey Gonzalez attend the Halloween launch party for Au Fudge CAMP in Los Angeles.