While we all watch the Impeachment hearings going on now, here is a happy story to renew your faith in human kindness.

In a Pennsylvania school, a line of boys waits patiently for their Principal. But it’s not what you think. These schoolboys are waiting happily for…a haircut.

Terrance Newton, the principal at Emalea P. Warner Elementary School in Wilmington, PA. is also a barber for children that may not be able to afford a trip to a barbershop.

His theory is “When you look good, you feel good, you act good.”

In his makeshift ‘shop’ he has a second-hand styling chair, a sink plus all the clippers and barber supplies he needs. Some he bought himself and other equipment was donated.

No surprise really that school officials have discovered that a ‘fresh-cut’ has resulted in better behavior with suspensions w-a-y down …from 60 to four.

“I tell them: ‘You want your hair cut? I need you to do right in school,’ ” said Newton, a self-taught barber and, oh yeah, a principal.

Can we all agree that educators deserve more money? Give this guy a raise!

Original story appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer.