We discovered this home-grown company, The California Beach Co.,  when we reviewed their popular Pop N’ Go Playpen.

Our ‘tester’, Baby Franklin, pretty much lives in his now– in the den, outside in the yard, at the beach, and on hikes with the parents who love how it folds down and weighs only  7.2 pounds. (Here’s our review.)



The company is also the maker of the California Voyager Blankets, a sand-resistant, water-resistant blanket big enough for three with weighted corners and  Plus, it has a secret zipper pocket for storing your valuable items. It folds up into a handy dandy backpack, where you can also store your sunscreen and other necessary items.



If there’s a new baby in your friend’s group or family, you’ll be the hero with a Pop n’ Go Playpen and nows the time to buy it!