Halo Hair Extensions are a modern way to instantly add length, volume, and thickness to your locks. Unlike clip-in or tape-in extensions, the Zala Halo Extensions is a single large piece of hair that sits on your head like a crown instead of attaching to your hair. 



The best part? The installation process doesn’t involve using adhesive or clips. Instead, the hairpiece has an invisible band at the base that securely holds it on your head. Plus, your natural hair will cover the Halo, so you can rest assured nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing an extension. 

So, before scouring different websites to buy hair extensions, read on for the top reasons why you should consider Zala’s Halo Human Hair Extensions.

  • Get Fuller, Thicker, and Longer Hair Instantly

Zala Halo Extensions allow you to transform your look in seconds. Simply place the hairpiece on your head, and you’ll immediately get longer, luscious, and fuller hair; no need to visit a salon or use adhesives or clips. 

This makes it an excellent solution for everyone, especially those who may not have enough time to apply other extensions. Halo Extensions by Zala can even conceal your shorter haircut, allowing you to grow your natural hair out while still rocking beautiful, voluminous locks. 

  • Long-Lasting

Most hair extensions last about three to six months since you wear them regularly. For example, if you have tape-in extensions, you’ll keep them in your hair 24/7 and have them professionally adjusted by a stylist. While it’s nice to wear them all the time, they won’t last as long as sets you can remove and wear less frequently. 


The good news is that Zala Halo Extensions are temporary, so you can remove and wear them whenever you want. As such, they’re well suited for anyone who may only want extensions for certain events or occasions. You can take it out when you want to sleep, shower, or work out. This makes them longer-lasting than many other extensions out there. With proper maintenance, your Halo extensions can last eight months to two years. 

  • Available in Multiple Shades and Lengths

When buying hair extensions, it’s important to pick a suitable length depending on how long your natural hair is. Fortunately, Zala Halo Hair Extensions are available in multiple lengths, meaning there’s an option for almost everyone to get longer and more gorgeous hair. 

What’s more? Halo Extensions by Zala come in more than 14 different shades, making it easy to find a color match for your hair. Also, Zala offers these extensions in three different band sizes; no worries about finding the right fit for your head!

  • Made from 100% Remy Human Hair

Zala has the best Halo Hair Extensions on the market because they are made from 100% Remy human hair. This means each strand in the extension has the cuticles intact. As a result, the extension will look fully natural and blend perfectly with your hair. Plus, it will imitate the movement, direction, and flow of your natural hair.