Music can provide a sagacity or intellect of order amidst the COVID-9 pandemic, more so, if the majority of persons are often stuck at home. Music streaming is cheap or even free in free music streaming apps such as Pandora and Spotify. Additionally, music streaming outperforms any physical format when it comes to expediency or accessibility and ease. Moreover, despite vinyl making a reappearance among audiophiles, music streaming has more to offer than just sound quality. Subscription services can be more indistinguishable or even better than C.D.s in some cases. So, you can enjoy yourself by listening to various music streaming platforms while going about your routine. Furthermore, these services allow you to select the song you would want to hear. Hence, it is crucial that you ensure you complete your academic projects on time so that you do not interfere with your work schedule. If the tasks may be too many or difficult for you to handle, visit, and ask for assistance.

There is a vast array of on-demand music streaming services that you can pick from. However, before selecting one, you need to ask yourself, ‘What is the best music streaming app?’ The response may depend on whether the app is free or payable. Also, it may depend on the type of songs you would like to listen to. Nonetheless, this should not trouble you. This article strives to provide you with some of the best music streaming apps that you can use to listen to music and enjoy yourself.




Spotify is one of the most significant and best free music streaming services, with more than 100 million users. As a digital music app, Spotify grants its users access to videos, podcasts, as well as music. It comprises more than 30 million songs in its library that you can select from. Moreover, this app keeps adding new music almost every day. Advertisements support its free version. This can ruin your jam on most occasions. Also, the number of times you can skip a song is partial.

Nevertheless, Spotify offers a premium service for $10 per month, which annihilates or overwhelms these precincts, thereby making it one of the best free music streaming sites. Thus as a listener, you can rock to your favorite playlist non-stop or download music straight to your mobile device for offline listening.




The Pandora music streaming service has been around for more than ten years. Its founders have a vision that individual users get to set their radio stations by specifying an artist, song, or a variety of each. Hence, users have pre-made stations sorted by genre. When utilized over a cellular network, this free music streaming app is bound to buffer. Thus, accessing it over Wi-Fi can benefit you a lot. And, similar to Spotify, you will hear advertisements after every few songs, and you are restricted to the number of songs you can skip per day. Also, it is crucial to note that giving a song a ‘thumbs down’ counts as a skip.




As its cutesy or mawkish name suggests, iHeartRadio is one of the most convenient free music streaming sites. This platform is efficient in finding live FM/AM radio stations on the basis of popular musicians you pinpoint as your favorites. Various categories, such as classic rock and 90s hits, can help you get your groove on. You may be in the mood of relaxing and listening to music all night. Hence, it is important to ascertain that you do not have any pending academic writing assignments, as this will disrupt your mood. If you have articles to write about and do not know the appropriate topic(s) to use, you can visit the website of a reliable company and ask for essay topics about marijuana legalization, internet influence on children, effects of pollution, sports popularity in the U.S., or alcohol and the nervous system among other topics.

iHeartRadio collects audio content from different local iHeartMedia radio stations across the U.S as well as various stations from different other media. You can save your favorite stations as presets. Moreover, you can choose an alarm clock function to start your day with the service and set a sleep timer at the end of the day.

Slacker Radio

Despite having a deadbeat name, Slacker Radio is also one of the best free music streaming apps that you can use to listen to music. It encompasses radio stations in about every imaginable musical genre. Some radiostations have major artists as hosts, and they feature everything from sports, comedy, countdowns, and news.

While listening to music, you can fine-tune the stations to play more of your favorite songs. Additionally, you can create new playlists or stations using the existing functionality while keeping track of your preferred and recently played songs.


SoundCloud is somewhat different from other music streaming platforms. It has an excellent audio deal uploaded by other users instead of music accredited by the music industry. This implies that it incorporates homemade audio and music from upcoming musicians. And since you would not want anything inhibiting you from trying out this splendid music streaming service, you should consider completing your academic projects on time. If the deadlines are approaching and you are not capable of working on them, visit, and place an order. The team of experts from this service will not be hesitant to lend a helping hand.

SoundCloud is one of the best free music apps that you need to have since it allows you to take your curated playlist as well as likes with you wherever you go.



In conclusion, music gets people through a plethora of things such as workouts, chaos, chores, blocking out any siblings, accompanying you on your walk(s) to class, as well as heartbreak. Without music, your days would not only be soulless journeys into the abyss but also shattering. Hence, it is vital to warranty that you have music at your fingertips, whether it is on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Bluetooth device. And, and efficient means of doing so is by downloading any of the best free music sites above. These music streaming platforms can help you listen to your favorite music as well as allow you to create your playlists. While some music streaming platforms are free, others may cost you a little to enjoy the features that their counterparts do not have. But, this should not hinder you from trying out some of the best music streaming services and getting to enjoy yourself. So, calculate your budget and download any of the music streaming apps above.