So many kind-hearted people adopted pets from the shelters during COVID that nationwide many shelters are reporting that they are now completely empty. That’s the good news. But as the safe-at-home mandate grinds on, many first-time dog owners have questions about how to train their pup…and how to handle going back to work after their doggies have gotten used to them being home all the time.


We turned to Aaron Hill, owner of Pets In The City for his expert advice:


It’s great so many dogs have been adopted during covid! Even though having your dog trained in person can be challenging right now, ZOOM is a great option.  For those who have the option of coming to my home (or their trainer’s outdoor space) where we have the proper room for outdoor training and where we wear our masks, that is a great alternative to Zoom and you still get the hands-on training that you desire.
A reminder that something as simple as even walking your pup around your neighborhood with another dog is a form of “training” right now in that they are being socialized and doing leash work. Add-in commands during these walks and bring treats! If you are diligent, you will be amazed at how much you can do on your own.

Aaron Hill.


We worried about leaving our pups home alone when we go back to work. Any tips?
Start leaving your dog at home in small increments – as small as even five minutes at a time and going in the other room. Work up to 30 minutes a day, then the next week work up to an hour and so on.
When you do leave, play calming music or leave on DOGTV!
You can also freeze doggie peanut butter in a kong toy overnight and have your dog work on getting it out while you are gone. Your dog will love you even more for this!


‘One “strange” thing I have noticed – when I was walking a new puppy last week, we came across another new dog who was unusually terrified to meet me! When I questioned the owner, she confided that she adopted the dog right at the beginning of quarantine and he hasn’t really met any people yet!! So a reminder to try to socialize your dog, particularly if you just got them. Even if it’s just a quick walk with a friend, your dog needs to be around people right now!’

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