The inquiry into the January 6th attack on the Capitol is modeled after the 9/11 Commission and was supposed to be a bipartisan committee but House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy just announced he won’t support the agreement.

He claims that he would only go along with a committee that looked at  ‘interrelated forms of political violence’ such as the BLM’s protests and Antifa and accused Nancy Pelosi of  ‘playing games.’

As Republicans now try to downplay the events on that day, it calls into question McCarthy’s role on January 6th as he was overheard having a heated conversation with Trump during the riot.

While Republican opposition won’t sink the measure in the House, it could be in danger when it goes to the Senate, where 60 votes would be needed, meaning at least 10 Republicans would have to support it with all 50 members of the Senate Democratic caucus.

When asked about McCarthy’s opposition Tuesday, Pelosi told reporters, “I’m very pleased that we have a bipartisan bill to come to the floor, and it’s disappointing, but not surprising, that the cowardice on the part of some on the Republican side not to want to find that truth.”
The Biden administration announced its support for the commission legislation on Tuesday, saying the country “deserves such a full and fair accounting to prevent future violence and strengthen the security and resilience of our democratic institutions.”