Before you read further…please heed the warning of the owner of Lokum, whose beloved pup went into seizures after he was given a popular flea and tick medication by the Vet. The owner says it was tough to post but wanted to warn other pet owners.  (Editor’s note: we didn’t post the video because it’s so distressing but you can find it on YouTube.
 This is just one dog in millions that have suffered throughout the world from our well-meaning desire to prevent fleas, ticks and other parasites infesting our pets and homes. But it’s common sense…if it’s bad for us – it’ll be worse for them. They’re an animal with similar requirements for life as humans, oxygen, water, food and love – not created with some invulnerability from chemicals and pesticides.
We put lice lotion on our children – why don’t we use the same stuff permethrin – for dogs? If it’s safe enough for little people then it should be OK for canines…because it doesn’t kill flea eggs but who is to know how it makes them feel? We can’t ask if they feel shaky, nauseous, tired, etc. 
The more I read, the more my hair stands on end seeing the social media posts where common held advice is to use shampoos, flea collars or bandanas soaked in permethrin, Deet or other toxic pesticides. It’s bad for our dogs and it’s bad for us.  One person said “One Bravecto pipette can kill One Million Bees”…says it all.
Additionally, these chemicals overwhelm their senses and neural system which then has a knock-on effect on their liver which has to process and clean the blood. Hence why dogs get trembling limbs and recurrent seizures. Imagine living with the ghastly smell of a chemical under your nose which you can not escape from!
I ask every pet owner to do their own research to find natural methods to defeat the parasites. There is rubbing alcohol (which has barely any scent) and cider vinegar the smell of which evaporates quickly.  For more home remedies go to:  

If it’s too late and your dog already suffers seizures, try cannabis oil. Not CBD. Cannabis Sativa. Goes a long way to eliminating seizures, I’ve been told. But don’t believe me, research it.

About The Author

Julia C Parsons, mother of two living in the UK, has come late to life as a dog person although she owned her own 3 dogs for 16 years. Having begun a new career as a successful home dog boarder 5 years ago to help cover the costs of her empty nest home, she realised how much misinformation there was generally about understanding dog behaviour, their food and nutritional needs as well as the many conflict of interests of the veterinary profession, that may be shortening and not enhancing a dog’s life. Feeling a strong, instinctive empathy with our four-legged friends, she wants to do what she can to be their voice and dispel the many myths surrounding our special companions. @theuksdogblogger

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