The government’s strategic statement ‘The new immigration program for 2021/2022’ outlines the government’s plans to extend last year’s reforms and continuously transform the UK immigration system.

While defending national security, the UK government wants to create a seamless and straightforward experience for tourists visiting the country. The new immigration strategy, according to Interior Secretary Priti Patel, “is based on a clear ambition: to set the world’s most efficient border system.”

Significant Delivery of the New 2022 Immigration Program

EU Settlement Scheme

This scheme was designed for immigrants in the UK before Brexit and now will receive arrival status and continue to live, work and study in the UK in 2022. 

Tenants and homeowners were able to receive passports and identity documents of all EU citizens as proof of their right to work or rent until 30 June 2021, according to the New Migration Plan 2021/2022. Tenants and landlords will not be required by law to inspect the past but will have the option to do so.


Easier process

Strategically, the Home Office aims to make visa laws and procedures as easy to implement as possible.

Graduation Techniques and World Athletes, which was implemented in 2021, contained rules and advice based on the principles of simplification. They will have the same format, making it easier for applicants to cross than the old Rules.

The Home Affairs Office has also stated its intention to simplify Family, Private, Residential, and Returning Route routes.

Ways, the Home Office, intends to simplify the application process include:

  • Questions about easy-to-understand application forms
  • Additional options to show that the applicant meets their route standards:
  • A level students or higher education in English in the UK can be used as proof of English proficiency 
  • Allow applicants to use a wide selection of accounts to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for adjustment.
  • Allow candidates to upload evidence at home, reducing the need for travel applicants.




Home Affairs plans to implement a computerized, systematic, and modern financing system that will allow customers and the Home Office to operate effectively while promoting compliance. The Home Office is improving technology to:

  • Accelerate the end-of-year process, from applying for a sponsor’s license with a work permit or visa student.
  • Improve client awareness through the sponsorship program by reducing the difficulty of maintaining their licenses and increasing efficiency and transparency.
  • Prevent system abuse, which includes the management of appropriate risk information.


New and adapted ways to move abroad

As part of the government’s ‘Building to Build Better’ strategy, major immigration reforms will begin in 2022. Focused innovations will help attract and retain highly educated staff, especially in academics, research, and technology.

Changes include:

  • From May 5th 2021 the Global Talent Route was expanded to open a path for individuals with prestigious awards. 
  • Introducing a new, unfunded points line to attract the brightest and best in the UK in the spring of 2022. This route will place particular emphasis on the most skilled and academically advanced.
  • Creating a single, sponsored Global Business Mobility line in the spring of 2022 will facilitate UK business migration delivery by integrating, converting, and increasing the number of existing routes for this purpose.
  • Launching the graduation route in July 2022.



To fully integrate the digital system:

According to the strategic statement, the long-term goal is to move to a fully digital visa system. Portable documents will no longer be required to indicate status. The digitalization of the visa process will be completed by 2024. 

Current priorities include:

Improving online immigration service and providing better support to people in need (now EEA citizens and BN (O) s).

Establishing system-to-system assistance will allow both government agencies and government agencies to check the status of immigrants directly with the Home Office, rather than requiring individuals to prove their rights through the internet when seeking public services.

Establishing a framework for significant changes, such as implementing future electronic travel authorization (ETAs).

The government’s long-term vision for a UK immigration program beyond 2022

The UK Border Strategy will be implemented in 2025, which aims to alter the UK border and create a convenient frame for every other country to travel.  

A global travel permit will require people who wish to travel to the UK. They would need to apply for a pre-travel permit to travel to the country. Contact an immigration lawyer for more guidance regarding immigration marriage UK.