Bet you thought there wasn’t a right or wrong way to shampoo your hair. Wrong! Most of us are guilty of some of these (or, in our case, almost all of them.)

We asked the pros for their tips:

  1. Washing hair too frequently. Even if you have oily hair, try and wash only every three days. If it gets really bad, just try rinsing it without shampoo or using one of the many dry shampoos on the market.
  2. Don’t use hot hot water on your hair.Heat lifts cuticle which then lose color faster and results in frizzy hair. Remember to rinse with  cold water to seal the cuticle which creates less frizz and more shine.

Adult woman washing head

3) Use a shampoo that’s made for your hair. Just like skin care, hair needs the right formulation. Fine hair needs a lighter, more hydrating shampoo where oily folks need a purifying one.

4) Don’t rush the conditioning. We can’t stress this enough! Take the extra five minutes to let that conditioner do it’s work before you rinse it out and by all means use a deep conditioner once a week.

5) Your Mom probably tried to brush your wet hair when you were just out of the shower, to save time on detangling it later, but wet hair is subject to breakage so avoid at ALL costs. The ONLY product we have found that can safely comb through wet locks is the Tangle Teezer.)

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer


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