Ever check out the calories on the back of your favorite margarita mix? Yeah, scary calories. So we were bewitched by ‘Be Mixed,‘ an all-natural, zero-calorie cocktail mixer without all those added sugars or calories, OR artificial ingredients. The handy single-serve bottles (sold in a 4 pack) make it easy to prepare your favorite libation, say, at the park or beach.  Unlike the Skinny Girl mixers which have a nasty chemical after taste, Be Mixed is clean and fresh.


The brainchild of two Harvard Business School graduates who were tired of settling for vodka sodas at happy hour, it’s not only perfect for those of us who want to fit in our swimsuit this summer, but for diabetics as well.

There’s a recipe page if you need some inspiration and here’s one to get you started. Cheers!



1 bottle Be Mixed Cucumber Mint

4 cubes fresh watermelon

1.5 oz vodka



Crush watermelon cubes lightly with a spoon and pour into a cocktail shaker

Add vodka and 1 bottle Be Mixed Cucumber Mint to the shaker

Pour into glass over ice


The line is available at Whole Foods, Fresh Direct and Be-Mixed.com, as well as other specialty retailers.    

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