Ice hotels are sooo last year. The new trend is sand castles, like these pop-up hotels constructed from sand in the Netherlands.

Built as part of the annual sand sculpture festivals, the fully furnished one-room hotels have a comfy bed, widows, electricity, running water and Wi-Fi.
One sand castle is hidden inside a sculpture of the Flintstone’s cartoon home of ‘Bedrock’ while the other hotel is cleverly disguised as the Great Wall of China, complete with the Terracotta Army.
It took the organizers over four weeks to construct the sculptures, which they say were inspired by the ice hotels in Sweden and Finland.
Not to worry; the hotel is made of thin walls, then covered up with reinforced sand so it’s not going to come down on top of you. And the bathroom? That’s a real toilet and skink, as is the bed.
It costs  $168 a dollar a night, but just like the sandcastles of your youth, the hotels only last the length of the festival.