Do you know some of the symptoms of dehydration? It can cause terrible headaches, rapid heartbeat, dry skin, and tiredness. In severe cases, it can even cause death.

And by the time your body lets you know you’re thirsty you are already 2-3 % dehydrated.

So how to make drinking more water of a HABit? Add these naturally flavored Hab. ‘bits’ to your re-useable drinking bottle. Available in Lemon-Lime and Clementine, just drop one — or two — to your water and you’ll have a refreshing, subtly flavored beverage.


We tested both flavors and it was like adding a squirt of real juice to our h2o. For 8 oz. you’ll probably want to add two ‘bits.’ It reminds us of the fruit-infused spa water you get at high-end spas.

It’s good to know that hab. is naturally flavored with no artificial ingredients and there’s no waste or plastic.


It’s $27 for two hab. bottles, which should make up to 40 glasses of flavored water. No more boring water.