Late Show host Colbert said: ‘Mr. Trump… I’m sorry you’re a terrible president’

Trevor Noah aplogized: ‘Mr President, we’re sorry we called you a Russian-pee-loving-pumpkin-headed-colludasaurus… portions of that name were not accurate’

Jimmy Kimmel joked: ‘Basically Trump got into the White House the same way Lori Loughlin got her kid into USC’

As Colbert said on the show:

‘This weekend we received some troubling news,’ a grave Colbert said. ‘Our president is not a Russian asset.’

This, he said, was ‘troubling’ for a number of reasons.

‘If Trump is not working with the Russians, then what the hell is wrong with him?’ he asked.

‘If they don’t have anything on him, why does he keep saying nice things about Vladimir Putin?’