Have you ever noticed that white film that builds up on shower doors if it’s not scrubbed off? That milk colored film is made up of minerals deposited by the water from your shower. Yes, that same water you use to rinse your hair every time you wash it — slowly building a milky veil on your hair. Only, no amount of scrubbing will lift it.

That’s where Be HairWorks comes in. An all natural, three-party hair treatment system that gently removes mineral build and saturates your hair with luxurious moisture, so the true beauty of your locks can shine. But added shine isn’t the only benefit, because without the weight of the mineral buildup your hairs volume will be boosted and blowouts will last longer.

The brainchild of veteran L.A. hairstylist Shannon Tackett, Be HairWorks began after she noticed her client’s hair was getting duller as they age. Once she realized mineral build up was a major culprit she set about finding a chemist to create a formula to remove it — without compromising the health of the hair.

Be HairWorks starts with Be True Purify, which gently removes the mineral buildup. Then Be Kind a moisturizing cleanser gets the hair squeaky clean. And finally, the deep conditioner, Be Generous, drenches the hair in moisture, without weighing it down. The three-part system promises to return your hair back to its natural brilliance. And it really works. After just one use my hair was noticeably smoother. And my blonde looked freshly colored — bye bye brassiness. But don’t worry brunettes Be HairWorks is inclusive — all colors can get a boost. Because, once the mineral build up is banished, every color shines brighter and looks more true to hue.

The Be HairWorks system is designed to be done once a week. The three-part set is $63USD.  It’s designed to be a weekly treatment system, rather than an everyday product so the bottles will last a long time. The only danger is you may be tempted to do it more than once a week — the results are that good.

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