Yes, we couldn’t believe this collab either but Dame Judi Dench, she of the proper accent, gets down with London rapper MC Lethal Bizzle in this video.

See, Bizzle uses the word ‘ Dench’ in his raps as slang for ‘nice’ or’brilliant’ and even has his own clothing line branded ‘Stay Dench.’

A curious Dench (the real-world actress)was curious to meet the rapper so Lethal Bizzle coaxed her into rapping with him.

After some instruction, Lethal taught her some new words to his song ‘Pow’ tailored to the occasion.

Lethal Bizzle taught her the remixed version:

‘Pow, yeah I’m Ju-to-the-di

‘Pow, if you don’t know about me

‘Better ask someone quickly.’

Ever the good sport, the Oscar winner exclaimed, ‘I love it!’





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