The much-anticipated Los Angeles Times Food Bowl kicked off their month-long festival at Opening Night, Mesamérica and DFiesta Tuesday at the Million Dollar Theater, Grand Central Market, and La Cita. A celebration of the 50th anniversary between Los Angeles and Mexico City, L.A. it was the perfect event to launch the food festival.

Pete Meehan & Enrique Olvera.

The brainchild of chef Enrique Olvera’s (Owner/Chef at Pujol, Mexico City) and moderated by LA Times Food editor Peter Meehan, it was a fascinating look at how L.A. and Mexico are connected on so many levels.

After the talk whetted everyone’s appetite, the crowd adjourned to DFiesta next door at Grand Central Market and at the nearby La Cita Bar.

In the spirit of the night, Mariachi bands strolled through the crowd while we chowed down on tacos from Guerrilla Tacos, Tacos 1986 and enjoyed delectable bites from Horse Thief BBQ, Los Panchos, Petty Cash, Sari Sari Store, The Oyster Gourmet, China Café and Enrique Olvera’s forthcoming taqueria Ditroit. (Judging from the tastes offered from Ditroit, his restaurant is going to be a huge hit.)

For more information on all the LA Food Bowl events you don’t want to miss, check out the listings!

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