At least Gwyneth is honest about her holiday gifts being ridiculously expensive.

Her ‘Ridiculous but Awesome Gift Guide’ features items so expensive that prices are disclosed ‘only on request. ‘



The most outrageous gift — in our opinion — is the $34,000 Bubblegum Gym for children, followed by a Chanel sled for almost ten grand. Or maybe you’d like to gift the   $5,000 in-person workshop where one can make a pair of Air Jordans, or a subscription to “Psychic School?”

Naturally, her infamous ‘This Smells Like My Orgasm ‘ candle is included plus a dozen sex toys. Because nothing says Xmas like S-E-X?




The actress encouraged her seven million Instagram followers to ‘get your gifting on’.

‘It’s our favourite day of the year at @goop . . . our world-famous gift guides are back,’ she wrote. ‘We’ve got something for everyone and it’s even more epic than usual.’