When offered the chance to try Cardon the new men’s skincare line I jumped at the offer. Given the upcoming winter months (and seasonal skin dryness!), I knew my winter skin regiment needed a revamp and Cardon did just that! This affordably priced men’s skincare line really does deliver!


Cardon’s grooming products include skincare, as well as products for hair and body.

Things we love about Cardon’s skincare:

– Cardon is an advanced Korean skincare line for men that offers a modern approach to grooming with premium non-toxic ingredients and designed to be used every day. Cardon’s product lineup is impressive and with cactus as one of the principal ingredients which soothes irritation and gently moisturizes the skin.

– Cardon’s packaging is clever, decidedly masculine and very well done. I also appreciated the box that the skincare items came in which presents itself well for a holiday gifting item.



– You get a great bang for your buck with the Limited Edition Anti-Aging Gift Set retails for $100 and includes:

§ Clay-based Face Wash – great for oily, acne-prone skin. Un-clogs pores and has 4x the oil-removing power of charcoal.

§ Face Moisturizer with Natural Sunscreen – oil-free and rubs on clear

§ Dark Circle Eye Rescue – a best-seller and one of my favorites! The dark circle eye rescue brightens skin around the eyes and is used to treat dark circles and wrinkles

§ Hydro-boost Gel Moisturizer – This 3-in-1 gel moisturizer hydrates, soothes, and repairs using cactus extract and rosehip oil. Use at night to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring.

– Cardon’s products smell great! Each item had a masculine smell that left me feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.


Anti-aging skincare set.


My Review:

– The skin care kit features a clay and charcoal-based face wash which was a total winner and is great for oily skin. This was my favorite of the items, it smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling fresh and cool.

– I especially liked the dark circle eye rescue which left my under eyes feeling cool and de-puffed.


– I’m often hesitant of moisturizers with a spf as they generally are thicker and heavier on the skin but I was pleasantly surprised. Cardon’s moisturizer keeps you protected with a thin layer of spf which is a total plus for a daily regimen.

– The hydro-boost gel moisturizer is great. It’s a thin moisturizer that did the trick and smells great. I would characterize this moisturizer as a better use for summer than winter but still a great item.

All in all, I feel that Cardon is a total win and a perfect holiday gift item to show your loved ones you care! Cardon’s grooming items will leave you feeling refreshed while looking and smelling great.