We couldn’t wait to try one of the New! Improved! blackhead vacuums. After all, we got such a satisfying thrill out of those blackhead strips we use on our nose,’ Ohhh, look at all the gunk!’

For this experiment, we tried the LONOVE ‘Latest Generation Blackhead Remover’ which they sent us to review. ($28.99.)





So we dutifully followed all the instructions, mainly to open up the pores first (after a shower) and to use the lowest setting.

Even on the lowest setting it really sucks on the skin. Ouch! The instructions say not to let the face vacuum rest on one spot too long, so we carefully, uh, vacuumed our nose. Does that sound strange? It felt strange.

Disappointingly, we didn’t see much difference, though our nose was certainly red. Thankfully, that disappeared in about 15 minutes.)  Maybe we didn’t open our pores enough? So a few days later we tried it again with the same result. And considering how hard this was on our skin — all the pulling! — we consulted our dermatologist to see what she thought.



She was horrified, telling us that we could accidentally cause mini tears in our skin and often just push the blackhead deeper into the skin. Yikes. And you can easily bruise the skin which is not the look anyone is going for.

So buh-bye new tool and hello Biore strips and mud masks.