Here’s an idea whose time has come; designing your own natural deodorant to your desired strength, skin sensitivity, and scent. Without all the bad stuff, like aluminum, parabens, and carcinogens, the ‘free-from‘ NALA deodorant lets you pick and chose, ie. if you tend to sweat a lot, then pick one with a higher level of baking soda. (That would be the Sandalwood & Bergamot Deodorant.)

If you have sensitive skin or don’t tend to sweat too much, you’ll want the Peppermint and Charcoal. 

We got the regular strength in the ‘Woodsy ‘scent made with Copaiba, a powerhouse antibacterial oil with added base notes of fresh trees, especially spruce. (We liked the smell so much we swabbed the back of our hand so we could sniff it all day.) Most importantly, when we did the pits sniff test at the end of the day, we still were still clean smelling. There’s also an unscented version as well.

For days that we have a high-stress meeting, we’ll switch to the Sandlewood and Bergmont which smells refreshingly brisk.

And we love that it comes in a container with our name on it. Seriously, we’re getting some of these personalized ones for our girlfriends for the holidays. $26 at NALA, $29 for the personalized ones.


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