‘Caviar’ and ‘affordable’ usually don’t belong in the same sentence but Imperia Caviar is out to change that. As owner Sony Mordechai puts it succinctly:  “We want it to feel less like a splurge, more like an everyday delight.”

At a swanky event at his palatial home in the L.A. hills, we tried caviar on….well, everything from toast points to eggs to sushi but for us the best way to enjoy it on its own with one of those teeny spoons. Maybe with a dash of sour cream.

How do they make ‘black gold’ more affordable? By eco-friendly sturgeon farming (see below.) It’s not only more sustainable but it allows them to create mouth-watering caviar for the lowest prices in the US.

Imperia offers Kaluga Hybrid Reserve — a hybrid of the famous Beluga and Shassetra sturgeon as well as Royal Issestra caviar  from the Caspian Sea.

We’ve had Petrossian, one of the most expensive salted eggs in the world, and to our taste buds, Imperia was just as good. Yes, please pass the tiny spoon!

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