Ok Go shot to fame with a video, and have since become synonymous with ground-breaking music videos. Their latest effort is no exception. Premiering this weekend, the  video for the song “The One Moment” literally makes you gasp. The video literally took a mere 4.2 seconds to shoot, but when slowed down, you can see the band members engaging with hundreds of synchronized events choreographed to the song. Watch it below.

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    • maryis.contrary19@outlook.com'
      Just Plain Tired

      Yup. That’s us. We don’t get universal healthcare. We don’t get 35 hour work weeks. We don’t get a month or more vacation per year. A lot of us don’t get enough money to feed our kids or afford our medicines. What we do get are these four minute moments to forget our troubles and marvel at what is possible.

    • digme@lycos.com'

      So you don’t enjoy any movies, music or other large-production art? All of those things use huge amounts of electricity, food and water, manpower, etc.. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the resources used for any movie release or television production. Also, book use trees. You know I think you’re right.. we should have a world devoid of all art and entertainment – think of all the resources we’d save. Thanks for enlightening me on this.

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