About a year ago, a FaceBook friend mentioned he’d used these new eye drops by Bausch & Lomb called ‘Lumify.’ He said they made him look ‘ten years younger!’

So of course we had to try them. As allergy sufferers can relate, our eyes are almost always slightly red and tired looking. Sure, we’ve used other red eye drops (namely, Visine) but you can only use them sparingly and they’re not good for long-term use.

Lumify drops work differently; low-dose ‘brimonidine’ selectively targets redness in your eyes, cutting down on the risk of side effects.

Our eyes were suddenly brighter, whiter, and yes, more youthful looking and the drops lasted six hours (some people say they get 8 hours.)



Allure magazine called it a ‘game changer’ and we agree. All the best makeup in the world is spoiled by bloodshot eyes. (You can find the drops at any drugstore and on Amazon.)

You won’t believe your eyes.




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