One year into Covid-era living with a high energy toddler… consider this a PSA from a parent working from home in tandem with caring for a spirited 3-year-old: you need a game that is going to tire the little ones out, in mind and body. 

We love our children, but we also need them to go to bed tired so we parents can catch a little break, right?! RIGHT! 

Our 3-year-old Contributing Editor, Jackson, reviewed Starlux’s Protectors of the Rainbow’. Here’s what he had to say (babble): 

“Searching for the pieces of the Rainbow that my mommy hid around the house was SO FUN! The Treasure Hunt meant a lot of running around, which mommy was a fan of because I was a little tired after all that playing”.


Jackson demonstrates how the game works.


“I had to really think and use my mind when matching the treasure I had just found, to the correct color in the cloud. My mommy enjoyed this part, as she said this game was helping me become a ‘smart boy’!”


“I kept asking to play ‘Again! Again!, so mommy hid the treasure in different places around the house. I enjoyed all the music noises the cloud would make once I placed the treasure in the right place. It also lights up, so cool! I keep the cloud in my bedroom as a nightlight now, I am usually ready for sleep after lots of playing with my Protectors of the Rainbow!”

$39.99 from Starlux Games.

Editor’s Note:

Ages: 4-10

Number of Players: 2-7

Batteries included.