It would be unbelievable, except we’re talking about President Trump, who yesterday looked to the heavens and called himself the ‘chosen one’ since he had ‘taken on China.’

As if that weren’t enough, he joked with vets that he wanted to ‘give himself the Medal of Honor’ — this from a man who never served. And he wasn’t done yet.

He tweeted that Israeli Jews consider him the ‘second coming’ and the ‘King of Israel.’

In response, the web lit up with calls to invoke the 25 amendment — that’s where a majority of cabinet members can vote to remove a president if he is considered ‘unfit’ for office.

George Conway, married to you-know-who (Kellyanne Conway, in case you didn’t) kicked it off with the tweet above, and quickly the hashtag #25thAmendmentnow had 110,000 tweets. ‘Chosen One’ had 144,000 and ‘King of Israel’ had 162,000.

Feel free to join in!