We used to put all our travel products in one big pouch for trips (cosmetics went in a separate container, of course.) And then we were left digging around for toothpaste in this massive toiletry bag in the hotel room.

Welcome the NOMATIC Toiletry Bag which has sooo many organizational pockets we wondered how we ever traveled without it.

Stuff we love:

  • Slim profile so we can squeeze it into our over-packed suitcase.
  • Internal organization! There’s even a ‘dedicated toothbrush pocket.’
  • Made of durable, washable fabric, Because who hasn’t spilled shampoo in their travel bag?
  • Hanging strap so it doesn’t take up precious real estate around the sink.




It comes in two sizes — small and regular. We got the ‘regular’ and filled it very quickly. $54.99 for the small and $74.99 for the larger size.



We got it to review (naturally) but we liked it so much we bought the smaller size to replace our husband’s crammed Dopp kit.

Since we were shopping browsing, we checked out some of the other Nomatic organizational items and are now eyeing their minimalist-designed backpacks to organize the rest of our life.