Instead of a box of See’s candy, what about a huge Chocolate Heart Pizza from Sugar Plum Chocolates? It’s as good as it looks! Do you think our intended will notice the little bite marks? (Hey, we had to test it for the review!)

$49.99 and good news for you procrastinators out there —  that includes complimentary 2-day shipping. The Chocolate Heart Pizzas even comes with a cute wooden mallet.



Not everyone wants sweets for V-day. Maybe they’re on a diet? Or maybe your significant other wants to eat healthy this year?

You’ll be a gift hero if you present them with some Pink Panda Candy.


With only 2g of sugar and 90 calories, we were dubious but after eating a bag of the yummy Astro Blaster gummies we’re converted. They taste like the real thing!  0 guilt.

For our Galentine’s, we’re gifting the gummies with a funny card. Valentines’ Day solved.




SmartSweets is another candy you can feel good about. We tried the ‘Sweet Fish’ because we LOVE traditional Swedish Fish candy. 3g of sugar, 100 calories. With no sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners or added sugar, it’s a healthy alternative. Check out the Cola Gummies too.



These sweet conversation hearts are great if your Valentine is SEVEN otherwise, these chalky tasting with cheeky messages candies are best left at the supermarket.



Send a sweet gift to your Valentine (or BFF or work colleague) through email or text with SugarWish.

How it works: you pick  — candy, cookies, popcorn, snacks, coffee & tea, or dog treats (!)  —  and then pick a gift size. Your recipient gets an email or text and they pick what they want. Fed Ex is included.  So everyone gets a gift they want.

If you order one for yourself, we won’t tell.