We will cut right to the chase – perimenopause is no joke. While we have mercilessly avoided the hot flashes so far there are a dozen other things that are in full force, including changes to our otherwise normally balanced skin.

That’s what makes the MenoCycle line of skincare products from Suki Skin Care so fabulous. It was designed to treat the hormonal changes and hot flashes women experience in perimenopause and menopause. From that line, they sent us the SukiERA Reviving Facial Oil ($50 for 1 fl oz), the SukiERA Reviving Facial Cream ($69 for 1.75oz), and the SukiERA Reviving Cooling Spray ($40 for 3.3 fl oz).

They also sent the Suki Eye Lift Cream ($69 for .5oz) from the Pro-Age Cycle, which is a line designed to support and promote healthy aging for those affected by sun exposure, going through chemo, experiencing dehydration, or those exposed to dry or urban climates.



After using the products for several weeks, we are in LOVE. All of the products feel luxurious going on and our skin is moisturized without being oily. The Reviving Cooling Spray is a burst of joy with every spritz, and we use it after exercise for a post-workout cooldown.

Our favorite thing about the brand is how tailored it is for various stages of life. Suki calls these SkinCycles and there truly is something for everyone. Need to hydrate your skin? Try the HydraCycle that’s designed for those experiencing middle age, dry or cold climates, or chronic illness.



Feeling stressed, sick, or going through a major life change? Try the BrightCycle. In a stage of life where your skin is changing a lot? Maybe the ClearCycle is what you need – it was designed to clear and purify skin, making it great for pregnancy, IVF, adolescence, or menopause. They also have a StartCycle, an all-purpose line for all SkinCycles. Then of course there’s the MenoCycle, which has officially become our new skincare line of choice.



If only it could help with the mood swings.