If this is your first pregnancy and you have never gone through anything like this before then there are a number of things that you need to be aware of. When you are pregnant your body is going to change and you will experience discomfort that you’ve never had before. You need to remember that your body needs to make space for the baby to grow and so your insides are going to be moving around to accommodate this. As your body begins to get bigger, your muscles and your tendons are going to be affected and so you should expect to experience body aches and pains where you never had them before. One particular part of being pregnant is that women experience pelvic discomfort and so anything that can help you to deal with this really needs to be embraced.




This pain in your pelvis is also known as lightning crotch and if you can avoid it at all then you really should try to. It can cause an incredible amount of pain and particularly near the end of your pregnancy before the baby is due to arrive and it happens because your baby is growing inside your tummy and so it needs to grow larger. The position of your baby is pushing down on your pelvic area and so you’re going to experience pressure, pain in your lower back, stretching and you’re going to be sore. The following are just some remedies to help you manage pelvis pain when you are pregnant.




– Figure out where the pain is coming from – Just because it feels like the source of your pain is coming from a certain area of your body, it doesn’t mean that it is originating from there. You need to try to figure out as close as possible where your discomfort is coming from so that your doctor or your midwife can prescribe the best course of treatment so that you can work on getting your pregnancy glow back again.

– Lie down when you can – Lying down nine times out of ten can help to relieve any discomfort that you are feeling. Whatever side that you are feeling the pain on, it makes perfect sense to lay on that particular side and this will help to relieve the pain. Clearly if lying down and switching positions doesn’t help with your discomfort then it might be an idea to contact your medical practitioner just to be sure.

– Get yourself a pregnancy pillow – All new and experienced mothers swear by their pregnancy pillow because it helps to relieve a lot of pressure on their pelvis. It helps a great deal when trying to get a good night’s sleep which is good for you and your baby. Putting the pillow between your knees helps to relieve any pressure that your pelvis is under and if you can’t get hold of her pregnancy pillow then just use your standard pillow until you get one.

These are just three remedies that will help to bring you essential relief and there are many more. Massage is always a good idea when it comes to pelvic pain and it is always a good idea to put your feet up whenever you can.