The well-groomed author with his pup, Dolly (yes, named after the singer.)

Attention Gents (and their admirers), if you’re in need of the perfect beard trim tips the team at Baxter has got you covered. The brand hosted a night of grooming this week celebrating Baxter of California’s limited edition capsule collection. The limited collection –hats, a sweatshirt, shirt, and hip-pack designed by streetwear brand The Hundreds, which incorporate elements of the pop art-style waves designed by Hawaiian artist Aaron Kai are paired with curated Baxter of California grooming products.


As a long-time fan of the brand’s Herbal Mint Toner, I was down to investigate! We were treated to a beard trim with Taylor (@The_Left_Hand_Barber), one of Baxter Finley’s star barber’s at their flagship barbershop in Los Angeles.

A few tips from Taylor on maintaining an all-around great beard:

  1. Take length into account when shaping your beard! Short beards require more natural edges and avoid fine lines. Longer beards with fine lines make the beard pop. Hair kept longer towards the neckline hides a double chin!
  1. Cheek check! Make sure your beard is symmetrical on both sides when trimming your cheek areas.
  1. Sideburns! Make sure to blend your side-burns with your beard!
  1. Lips! Make sure to stay natural around the lips taking off a little at a time. A rule of thumb is that your mustache area needs to be trimmed when the hairs start to touch your lip.
  1. When to trim your beard – A good rule of thumb! It’s time for a trim when your beard hair starts to curl. Blow-dry your beard in the morning to straighten hairs and using a beard oil is a plus!

With the help of Baxter and these helpful tips, we’ll have your beard ready for Fall! Readers can check out the Baxter capsule collection via For beard trims and grooming services by Taylor call Baxter of California’s LA barbershop – 310.657.4726.


The Hundreds Hydro Salve Lotion.