Being afraid of visiting the dentist is a common phobia. In fact, it’s estimated that one in six Australian adults have some form of dental phobia. Of course, having this type of phobia means you’re not going to see the dentist often, issues will be left untreated, and you are more likely to suffer from tooth decay and other issues.

Fortunately, it is possible to get over even the most severe dental phobia. You simply need to know how.



Start With The Right Dentist

You need to choose a good dentist. That’s one with a reputation for looking after oral health effectively and that is used to dealing with dental phobias. Ask friends and family and check on social media to find the best one in your area. It is worth looking at the best holistic dentist in your area. They consider overall health and oral health when looking at treatment options. This generally makes them better at dealing with dental phobias.


Talk Before Your Appointment

When making your appointment it’s a good idea to mention your dental phobia. This will help to prepare the dentist and ensure you get the best possible treatment options.

Your dentist will make notes on your file, ensuring they are aware of your phobia and which approach works best to deal with it.

If it helps, you can visit the dentist before your appointment and see the place while talking to the staff. This will help you to feel more relaxed about your appointment.

Breathing Exercises

As soon as people start to get stressed their breathing will change. This leads to hyperventilation which creates shortness of breath and makes the fear worse.

To help prevent this, you’ll want to learn some breathing exercises. The most common one is simply focusing on your breathing and very slowly breathing in and out. This means you’re not focusing on the dentist or what they may do, reducing your anxiety.


Get A Friend To Come With You

Having someone else with you that you know well and trust will help to keep you distracted. By simply talking to you and engaging you in conversation you’ll have less time to think about the dental appointment and can stay calmer.


Another great way to overcome your phobia and calm your body is to learn some simple meditation techniques. You’ll be able to meditate before going to your appointment and even meditate in the waiting room.


Again, it’s a way to refocus your mind and help you deal with the dental experience.

It is worth noting that simple techniques which calm the mind can lower your overall phobia. Over time you may even find that you can overcome your dental phobia and book an appointment without thinking about it.

If all else fails, you can consider hypnosis to help you overcome a dental phobia. It is best to use a professional hypnotist with a proven record of success. This will help to ensure you get the right result.